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Tag: Supply Chain Digitization

Here we keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world of logistics software. Explore informative articles, industry trends, and valuable insights that shed light on how technology is transforming the way logistics is managed and optimized.

Trade Tech Joins ASTM Global Supply Chain Data Standard Initiative

Seattle, WA, December 7, 2023–Trade Tech, an industry-leading global logistics platform, announced today that it is working with ASTM International, one of the world’s largest standard development organizations, on its Global Supply Chain Data Standard initiative. The aim of the

The Customer-Facing Digital Experience: Where’s the Magic?

Digitalization is coming to the global logistics industry. In recent years there’s been much talk about being digitalized, or becoming digitalized, or the unspoken threat of what will happen to providers who don’t digitalize. Digitalization has become a magic word.

Will The Shipping Industry Ever Digitize?

Waiting for the shipping industry to digitize has become frustrating and exasperating for everyone involved. What’s taking so long? Admittedly, Digitization might not be sexy – unless efficiency, tied to a robust system of digital infrastructure and technology, is sexy.

Large New Volumes Will Demand Digital Solutions

The future of the digital supply chain is going to be in handling vastly larger volumes of cargo with less manual labor. Who buys more than they can consume? This is the statement / question voiced by Kathryn Farmer, CEO

The age of Digitalization and Customer Intimacy

A frontpage article in the New York Times over the weekend noted that, driven by the Pandemic, we are rapidly entering the age of Digitalization and customer intimacy. This will pivot around digital interactivity and is critical to any company’s

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