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Executive Insights: Navigating Global Trade with Expertise

Welcome to Executive Insights, a dedicated space where Trade Tech’s Founder and President, Bryn Heimbeck, shares his extensive knowledge on global trade, logistics, and supply chain management. With over 25 years of experience, Bryn offers valuable perspectives on industry trends, regulatory updates, and strategic insights to help businesses navigate the complexities of international commerce.

In these videos, you will find:

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, Executive Insights is your go-to resource for staying ahead in the dynamic world of global trade. Explore our video library and stay updated with the latest insights from Trade Tech.
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Global Trade Vision: Why I’m Passionate About the Logistics Industry  

Lori Michele Leavitt, The Pivot Catalyst, asked Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech, why he was drawn to and has stayed so long in the global logistics and supply chain industry. 

Join Bryn as he shares his personal journey and vision for the global supply chain, trade, and logistics industry. Discover why he believes global trade is not just about financial gains but about creating a world where prosperity is everywhere. From the bustling ports of Shanghai to the emerging markets in Vietnam and Kenya, Bryn explains why he finds the business fascinating and what excites him about the future of global trade.  

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The Role of Automation in Streamlining Business Processes for Global Trade

Discover how automation is transforming the business landscape by enabling companies to manage multiple shipments at various stages efficiently. This short clip delves into the complexities of shipment cycles, from planning to execution, and explores the potential of machines to alleviate human workload. It raises the critical question: “What can the machine start to do to take the load off of humans so that we can produce a better outcome?” Highlighting the importance of structured event sequences, it emphasizes the need for a strategic approach to automation that enhances productivity without compromising quality.  

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Unified Accounting: The Key to Global Trade Efficiency 

This video focuses on the pivotal role of unified accounting systems for global trade, logistics and supply chain. Discover how integrating your financial data across all offices can provide the ‘one version of the truth’ necessary to monitor your business effectively. Learn from real-world scenarios how a centralized approach not only streamlines processes but also equips managers with the tools they need to make informed decisions, stay in control, and keep the business thriving.  

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Embracing Change: Navigating Risks for Future Success in Logistics

This thought-provoking video addresses the inherent risks in decision-making within the logistics industry, especially when faced with the choice between sticking with the status quo or adopting new, potentially disruptive technologies. It highlights the importance of evaluating risks not just based on current trends but with an eye towards future advancements. Learn why the safe choice may not always align with long-term strategic goals and how embracing innovation can position a company to outpace competitors and lead the market. 

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Automation First: Logistics Efficiency requires Automation, not AI 

In this thought-provoking video, Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech, takes a critical stance on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in logistics. Heimbeck advocates for the transformative impact of automation and mechanization, arguing that they hold the key to revolutionizing the industry, not AI. The video shifts focus from the AI buzz to actionable, logic-based solutions that can significantly streamline operations.  

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Shared Success: The Future of Secure, Open IT Systems in Supply Chain

Discover the transformative power of shared IT systems in our global supply chain. In this video, Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech, demystifies the concept of multi-tenant IT architecture. He explains how a multi-tenant software platform fosters secure, open communication channels that enhance operational efficiency. Learn how these systems not only uphold stringent security standards post-9/11 but also empower stakeholders by providing visibility and control over their data. By embracing this open yet secure approach, companies can stay strategically ahead, offering superior service at a fraction of the cost, and paving the way for a future where shared platforms are the standard in the logistics industry. 

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Data Standards in Focus: Strengthening Global Trade and Shipping

Dive into the intricacies of supply chain management with our detailed 2-minute and 40-second training video. We address the pressing need for resilient supply chains and the pivotal role of data standards in achieving this goal. The video features expert insights on how existing data standards, particularly those enforced by U.S. Customs, already provide a solid foundation for interoperability and visibility across the shipping industry. Learn about the electronic transmission protocols that bind all industry participants, from ocean carriers to Customs brokers, creating a secure and efficient network. This video urges the industry to capitalize on these established standards to enhance supply chain transparency and avoid the pitfalls of creating redundant systems. 

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Quick Insight: Data Standards & Supply Chain Visibility  

In just under two minutes, this brief yet informative clip underscores the importance of utilizing current data standards for enhanced visibility and interoperability within the global logistics and supply chain industry. 

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Improving Port Efficiency and Reducing Costs with Multi-Tenant Platforms and Peel-Off Stacks 

In this insightful interview, Heimbeck shares how innovative technology solutions can reduce complexities of global logistics and supply chain management. 

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