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Trade Chain Is Trade Tech’s dynamic Purchase Order Management solution.
Trade Chain is an integrated, end-to-end Supply Chain visibility and execution platform. This is offered as either fully integrated with the complete Trade Tech suite or functioning as a stand-alone solution. Like the Trade Tech suite, Trade Chain is mode neutral enabling P.O. Management across all modes of transport, international and domestic.
By providing visibility from the very beginning of the P.O. life cycle, through all the critical touch points, ending with final delivery either to the Distribution Center or customer’s front door, Trade Chain provides visibility and execution every step of the way.
This end-to-end solution allows a variety of users to collaborate, organize, administer, and expedite your goods using a unified system via the cloud, in real-time. This gives our customers the flexibility to respond to changing situations as they occur so that they can maximize efficiency within their system.
This unique product links purchase order management and transportation management into one framework that tracks and coordinates goods from one end to the other. In the international industry, this solution is critical for instant response to changing conditions for goods in transit.
Some of the most dynamics features include:

Return on Investment (ROI)

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