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Here we keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world of logistics software. Explore informative articles, industry trends, and valuable insights that shed light on how technology is transforming the way logistics is managed and optimized.

Auto-Rating: Still Cutting-Edge or Yesterday’s News?

The World Economic Forum just came out with a declaration that the future of Global Trade is TradeTech, playing off of the term FinTech for the financial markets.  Well, it is certainly hard for us to argue with their statement.   Integrated, cloud-based, inter-connected

The boom in e-commerce has changed the logistics sector.

Clearly the global Covid lockdowns accelerated a transition that was already significantly underway. This transition will have an impact far beyond simple logistics. E-commerce is more than e-retailing where the traditional importer or retailer is the only conduit to the

The Benefits of a New Perspective

Sometimes it’s interesting to reexamine something we do every day and simply take for granted. Could we benefit from doing the same old thing but, by looking at that process from a different perspective, find ways of getting things we’ve

Welcome to 2022 – Get Ready for Changes

Welcome to the new year. It’s gray and rainy here in Seattle just as it was last year. Some things don’t change! And, just like last year, the Pandemic is still with us and is expected to be so for

Please, Not Another Data Standard!

Last week, the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Maritime Commission announced they intend to focus on data flow within the Port Community in an effort to speed up cargo movement through port terminals. We fully support this effort.

Taking Control

How Terminal Communities Can Accelerate Cargo Flow at Destination Today, Global Trade is plagued by congestion from origin to destination with no exceptions. This applies to both Ocean and Air Freight. Air Freight is no longer the “release value” in

Demurrage and Detention Management

One more service in a multi-tenant platform Demurrage and Detention are now the two newest exceptional expenses to hit the ocean shipping market as a result of the Pandemic Freight Surge. Demurrage and Detention have gone from being a nuisance

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