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Tag: Logistics Innovation

Here we keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world of logistics software. Explore informative articles, industry trends, and valuable insights that shed light on how technology is transforming the way logistics is managed and optimized.

Comparing Building vs Buying Business Technology

Buy beats Build, read to find out more. There much being written today about the rapid advances in ever-more complex digital technologies and the potential or eventual strategic benefits to those that deploy them. Topics include digitalization, supply chain automation,

Will The Shipping Industry Ever Digitize?

Waiting for the shipping industry to digitize has become frustrating and exasperating for everyone involved. What’s taking so long? Admittedly, Digitization might not be sexy – unless efficiency, tied to a robust system of digital infrastructure and technology, is sexy.

Using the Old Ways of Working With New Technology

Don’t Fall into the E-mail Trap when Managing Alerts There is more and more focus among logistics providers on managing the overall transportation process and not just documenting what has happened. The focus is shifting to outlining what needs to

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