Trade Tech's Peel Off Stack Solution

What is a Peel Off Stack?  A highly efficient tool for clearing out terminal congestion and streamlining the motor carrier experience, Peel Off Stacks are gaining popularity with shippers who can meet the volume requirements of 50-75 containers. Peel off stacks require a single entity to commit a minimum of 50 containers to create a dedicated pile that will be pre-positioned outside of highly congested areas of the terminal. Designated motor carriers can quickly take delivery of their container by driving directly to the stack and essentially “peeling off” from the top rather than spending hours waiting for a specific container to be located and dug out of the general stacks throughout the terminal.

What is the Trade Tech Peel Off Stack Solution?  The Trade Tech Peel Off Stack Solution leverages the data and technology of our multi-tenant platform to combine shipments of multiple customers, thereby creating a community that can collectively contribute enough containers to establish a peel off stack. The Trade Tech Peel Off Stacks will be facilitated by Trade Tech and each stack will be comprised of containers contributed by a community of multiple Trade Tech customers directly or on behalf of multiple BCOs.

What role does the multi-tenant platform play in creating the stacks?  Key to implementing this program is the fact that Trade Tech houses all controlling data on a single, multi-tenant platform, which allows multiple entities to be aggregated as a community. Our multi-tenant platform is based on the simple concept of leveraging U.S. Customs declarations to forecast, plan and optimize solutions. We simply need to leverage the shipment data that is already in our systems as a result of U.S. Customs 24 Hour Rule requirements to report all shipment data prior to departure at origin.

What is the process for Peel Off Stack contributors?  Trade Tech Peel Off Stack contributors must adhere to a process that requires complete and accurate information as well as U.S. Customs clearance four days before vessel arrival. Trade Tech will be responsible for dispatching the motor carriers and supplying delivery instructions through its multi-tenant platform. Trade Tech will be in constant communication with the terminal, the importer, the importer’s warehouse as well as the motor carriers to ensure seamless movement of the cargo from vessel to peel off stack to warehouse.