Meet Our Team

Bryn Heimbeck

President and Co-Founder

Bryn Heimbeck is co-founder and president of Trade Tech. He began his career working for OOCL in Chicago, then took on several leadership positions for the company in Hong Kong. He later moved to Seattle to join a forwarding company and began focusing on the logistics side of the business. Bryn was an early believer that logistics processes could be radically improved through software and automation. Upon witnessing the significant changes sweeping the manufacturing process with the introduction of the Quality Assurance Process, Bryn became eager to apply this new thinking to the logistics services business where customer satisfaction was exceedingly low.

Bryn and Kevin teamed up in 1992 where Kevin’s “can-do” spirit and capacity to write software combined with Bryn’s business knowledge and strong design skills. Together, they created a core of applications for the international logistics industry based on the concepts of Quality Assurance. The two teamed again in 1995 when Bryn joined Fritz Companies to direct product development for their Transpacific NVOCC Service. Their combination of technology and innovative carrier strategy led to a doubling of cargo volumes in three years.

Trade Tech was founded in 1997 in Seattle. Today it has 11 offices in 7 countries and serves +400 customers worldwide. Bryn and Kevin’s vision of a Cloud-based integrated logistics application has earned Trade Tech a leadership position in the industry, creating today’s most innovative and easy to use logistics software solutions.

Bryn developed a passion for learning and international adventure at a young age being the son of a teacher and college professor whose careers afforded them the opportunity to travel abroad. Bryn has lived in Europe and Asia and has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure. He currently resides near Seattle. Bryn is an avid sailor, skier, and outdoor sports enthusiast - enjoying them most when alongside his three sons.

Kevin Clark

Vice President and Co-Founder

Kevin is a co-founder and vice president of system development at Trade Tech. Kevin was deeply involved designing software applications in the 80’s for light industry, especially engraving. His focus was on efficiency, quality control, and productivity improvement in low cost manufacturing. Bryn and Kevin began teaming up in 1992 when the two of them began experimenting with service automation for the forwarding business.

Both Bryn and Kevin wanted to see the industry move out of a documentation orientation and into a process flow environment where operations people were guided and assisted through the process of providing logistics management with process controls, on-demand expertise, and customer tailored directives.

Kevin was fascinated early on with the advent of the commercial Internet in 1995. He began developing alternative screen applications that could leverage HTML to capture or render information via the Internet from a single computer. His focus on a single computer serving users globally was at the core of the company’s cloud based concept.

Kevin is an avid eclectic music lover and foodie. You will often find him musing through the alternative music sections of Seattle’s record stores or frequenting the off the beaten track restaurants around Seattle’s Capital Hill or Bell Town districts with his wife.

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