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Collaboration Is Key

Of all the buzzwords you see, lookout for Collaborative Platforms. Talk of “digitization” has flooded the global container shipping industry over the past year. Along with this we see other heavily saturated topics like “visibility,” “automation,” and “collaboration.” Of all these ideas, collaboration is the word to look out for. Collaboration will be the strongest driver behind digitization’s most significant gains. However, achieving the full potentials of collaboration will also require the greatest changes to …

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The age of Digitalization and Customer Intimacy

A frontpage article in the New York Times over the weekend noted that, driven by the Pandemic, we are rapidly entering the age of Digitalization and customer intimacy. This will pivot around digital interactivity and is critical to any company’s long-term success. What does that mean and why is that important? What are the benefits and return on investment? Digital customer intimacy will center around two or three key areas: rates, interactive operations (visibility on …

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