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If you are having problems with eManifest, you are not alone. The entire shipping community is struggling with this implementation! CBSA has recently announced that they will begin a phased implementation of Penalties for eManifest filing violations. The penalty period will begin on July 4, 2021. eManifest penalties are called AMPS, which is short for Administrative Monetary Penalty System. CBSA has issued internal instructions to officers at each port. Local CBSA officers will initiate the
A frontpage article in the New York Times over the weekend noted that, driven by the Pandemic, we are rapidly entering the age of Digitalization and customer intimacy. This will pivot around digital interactivity and is critical to any company’s long-term success. What does that mean and why is that important? What are the benefits and return on investment? Digital customer intimacy will center around two or three key areas: rates, interactive operations (visibility on
e-Manifest continues to cause confusion. We continue to see a large number of customer service calls to our support centers. At the recent Customs Electronic Security Action Committee (CESAC) meeting, CBSA confirmed that the ocean carriers are having a large problem with E-Manifest and are suffering from as much confusion as the NVO / Forwarding community. One of the key differences that causes confusion is that the first filing on any MB/L / HB/L group
Shipping Strategy – Avoid Demurrage and Detention. Importers have been suffering equipment shortages and congestion all along the ocean supply chain. One consequence of the equipment shortages and congestion is a proliferation of demurrage and detention invoicing to the shipping public. Everyone knows that this problem began last year when ocean cargo shipments surged. In a survey conducted recently with top local, regional and national trucking organizations, the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) and TradeLanes, Inc.
The E-Manifest Close Message is the critical document The E-Manifest Close Message is the critical document in any amendment process to any LCL H.B/L for shipments to Canada. The Close Message is a unique number and a list of the H.B/Ls in the consolidation. You can use the Consolidation Number, the Master Bill Number, or create a unique Close Message Number, it doesn’t matter as long as it is unique and doesn’t repeat. The E-Manifest

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