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Buy beats Build, read to find out more. There much being written today about the rapid advances in ever-more complex digital technologies and the potential or eventual strategic benefits to those that deploy them. Topics include digitalization, supply chain automation, artificial intelligence and our own discussions of an integrated and interconnected platform. The field of information technology is expanding exponentially in every direction – in a kind of accelerating Big Bang – and older technology
The Ocean Shipping Reform Act – effective June 16, 2022. The Ocean Shipping Reform Act – 2022 (OSRA-2022) went into effect on June 16, 2022 and the law (not a regulation) calls for an immediate change in the way Demurrage is invoiced to the customer. The FMC is in charge of regulating and enforcing this new requirement and they have issued a formal notice to the industry that the new law went into effect on
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Clearly the global Covid lockdowns accelerated a transition that was already significantly underway. This transition will have an impact far beyond simple logistics. E-commerce is more than e-retailing where the traditional importer or retailer is the only conduit to the consumer. E-commerce has revolutionized access to the consumer by opening a direct conduit between the offshore factory and the domestic consumer. This has the potential to turn the entire import market upside down. Any number
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Over the past year and half the Transpacific Supply Chain has almost universally been described using unhelpful adjectives as “Broken” or “Snarled”, while blame for the ongoing problems is laid on the supply chain providers – the ocean carriers, the terminals, the rail roads, and the truckers. Such interpretations mis-describe the situation and make it harder to envision solutions. “Broken” describes something that needs to be brought back to its original function. An ocean vessel
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Bryn Heimbeck, Founder and President of Trade Tech, a cloud-based transportation management system and supply chain solutions provider predicts the following three permanent fixes are on the horizon. If necessity is the mother of invention, then the pandemic-induced supply chain breakdowns of the past two years are certain to yield new solutions for expediting world trade in the future. Short-term measures, such as ocean carriers adding capacity, diverting some cargo to less congested ports, and

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